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2010 Christmas

Now Christmas 2010, just after an ordinary Christmas Eve, hope everyone happy Ping peace, like myself, no depression,Summer job make a living that ~ ~ ~, act recklessly and care for nobody, quack. If you have been holding it, but also, perhaps too rational always restrained place, of course, slowly a person does not want too wronged themselves, so to own a little better, eat, clothes, play can be,, even dating is also, men can girls can.
Who also don't worry about me,The summer of Kunming, because I can manage myself, not meaningless constraints. In fact, Christmas Eve or the realization of own a small wish, is converse. Always liked the shoes, but ordinary found hundreds of pieces of reluctant,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, but still can not help but kind of temperament.
20 blocks, 30 fast, later bought a pair of Baleno home 99, felt was a little expensive. In fact, strict speaking, I'm not reluctant, just think flowers family money, can not be too extravagant. Just remember high school bought a pair of Jordan shoes, not to 100.
Just remember when dad say: how so expensive, in fact, parents certainly can not say not to spend, but still own do not careFlowers, buy to the child. So now the consumptive habit hand is due to father taught,Adidas Jeremy Scott, a hand is considerate of others in the family.
Flowers always. So, they would send someone a gift, received the boys send things always feel there will be pressure, will be afraid of things a burden to him. When junior high school for four, the big brother poured a glass of water,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, my father said,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, don't drink the people, people in outside school, have let you drink water you drink what.
Anyway, I never feel beholden to anyone feel deserved, even when the male friends gifts is always worried about the economy, he too bad, I'd rather buy him, so I never said I want this, I want that, of course, this also is him as he and I do not get close to the performance.
Sometimes, good, always can't be understood. Their undergraduate stage, from Seventeen to twenty-two, the accumulation of rich heart, can not afford their own, parents are the days. Now, the road is their own, possibility of wireless multi, money, but also of your own, to grant finally can become their own, thanks to this small country students, I can be a little to meet my hobby.
I can buy beautiful shoes,Foot's story - a yellow's personal space - jellyfish network blog - Powered..., buy beautifulYY, can have time to care for their skin, can send a friend a little gift... Just now more and more love, because it seems to see a fairy tale, classics actually read much, but Andersen and Green seem to read it many times, I actually is a fairy tale and complex reality mixture, advocating simple naive fairy tale, but still clearly to the reality of many limited conditions, but the success of treatment a balance point.
I am a good man, but because of too much for others as yourself too much, so do not see themselves. And now he is who they really are, seemingly know yourself, sooner or later to marry, as Renqi, motherhood, for a lifetime, so now two years let me act recklessly and care for nobody to do yourself.
Tell you what, like graduation himself is not own, a little bury bury, crotchet cry... Haha. I really enjoy it... No trouble greetings, no annoying questions, not cumbersome urge... Chris Yu, Xiasha..
. University friends chat SMS... High school friends sympathy... Have not met friend kindly suggest that... I was Joseph was Joseph ah, ah.... quack ~ well, go out to have a look to me what kind of gifts santa.

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